Captain Arghuino Kit Only

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Is your child interested in electronics, coding and overall STEM topics?  This kit contains everything needed to introduce him or her to the basics of electronics and JavaScript programming.  Our lessons use a comic book style that allows us to illustrate complex technical concepts in ways your child will understand and relate to.  Learn how to write your first JavaScript program and interact with electronic components (LEDs, sensors and motors).  The lessons are all in a comic book format.

The kit contains:

  • Arduino board (original Arduino board)
  • Prototype shield
  • 2 PodPi magazines (Setup Volume and Volume 1)
  • 2 servo motors
  • Light sensors, temperature sensors
  • Resistors, LEDs, RGB LEDs
  • Captain Arghuino patch

You will qualify to download the iPad versions of our lessons for free when available.

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